Disneyland Paris Live 2018 Day 5 Returning Home

Our trip to Disneyland Paris has certainly been a memorable experience. Usually I can’t remember what I did the day before. However, this week is different:

  • Thursday fell over
  • Friday spent day in hospital following fall. Diagnosed with broken shoulder
  • Saturday had mobile phone stolen
  • Sunday had an enjoyable day in parks
  • Today got manhandled by airport security. More on this later.
First Aid Disney Studios

You would suspect we have had a holiday from hell. In truth it hasn’t been all bad:

  • We love the Disney Parks.
  • Some of the attractions are brilliant and can’t be seen elsewhere,
  • We have had some enjoyable meals.
  • Our hosts overall have been outstanding. An occasional cast member was less hospitable but this was rarely the case.
Meeting Tigger

Our flight was early afternoon and our intention was to visit the parks to do some last-minute rides & shopping. Unfortunately with me being 1 armed & 2 sleepy kids we failed to get packed in time.

We got a taxi to Charles de Gaulle and not the shuttle on this occasion.  The taxi was not cheap but was much more comfortable.

Main Street Christmas tree Disneyland Paris
Christmas on Main Street

Charles de Gaulle is a monstrosity of an airport with a bizarre and complex layout. Although check-in was quick the walk to security, border and gates was extremely long. This is not an airport you will get through arriving late for your flight.

Security was very busy but this does not offer an excuse for what followed. As I was walking through the security scanner I was grabbed by a guard by my shoulder sling causing extreme pain. The guard insisting I took off the sling. Eventually he decided to swab the sling instead pushing a rod hard into my broken shoulder.

Airport security needs to be tough but there is no excuse for being rude or manhandling passengers. In the outside world what this guard did would have been considered assault. In Charles de Gaulle his supervisor wasn’t even interested. Unfortunately another passenger will almost certainly be subject to this manhandling in future.

Disney Illuminations
Disney Illuminations

We arrived back in Doncaster tired after an unusual break. Although this vacation did not go as planned any vacation is better than no vacation.

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