Disneyland Paris Live 2018 Day 3 Stolen Mobile Phone

It is going well this vacation!

  • Thursday take a tumble hurting shoulder.
  • Friday spend day in French Emergency Department due to painful shoulder. Now have confirmed fracture.
  • Saturday mobile phone stolen when in Disneyland Park.
Railroad Disneyland Paris

In truth it is enough to make you cry. However, we have received fantastic support and assistance from Disney. With 1 exception all staff we have dealt with have been good to outstanding.

Being welcomed on Friday morning on Main Street by a guest service manager who dealt with us previously in the first aid unit is just 1 example. Getting my dinner cut up for me by a waitress in the Steakhouse is another.

Discoveryland Disneyland Paris

We have been provided with a Disability Access Card which provides priority access to attractions. This has reduced our waiting times considerably and allowed us the opportunity to catch up with some lost time.

We had a reasonably enjoyable day in the park until the mobile was stolen. I have been surprised by how many attractions I have been able to do due to the excellent brace the hospital provided.

Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain

The truth is that this is a memorable vacation for the wrong reasons. There isn’t anything wrong with Disneyland Paris it is an excellent resort & sadly thieves operate everywhere.

Hopefully our last full day we can report some positive experiences.

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