Disneyland Paris Live 2018 Day 2 Broken Shoulder

The great thing about travelling is experiencing different cultures. Ask Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com who loves French culture & especially the French people. More about her love for the French in a later post.

Start of the day in Disney Studios

However one part of different cultures you try to avoid is visiting the local healthcare facilities. Today I spent the day in a French emergency department. It was an interesting experience especially as in the U.K.  we hear constantly how our NHS is collapsing.

Having fun when I’m in Hospital

What I observed today is French departments are also busy, waits are much longer than in the UK, nurses seemed less skilled & the hospitals are much cleaner. Overall I didn’t feel the British system was much worse or better than it’s French equivalent.

Unfortunately my knackered shoulder is actually broken and I am now wearing some Robocop type contraption.

It isn’t fun being in a hospital where nobody speaks your language. However it will be even less fun post Brexit, when I will be presented with a bill for my healthcare in France instead of the free care I received today.

In French Hospital photo credit the doctor

Credit to Disney whose first aiders arranged my transfer to hospital, got me booked in & brought me home again. I was even met by the hotel manager on arrival at Sequoia Lodge. A disability pass has been arranged for tomorrow.


First Aid Disney Studios

Hopefully tomorrow I will actually experience more of Disneyland Paris.

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