20 Disney World Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a first-time visitor? Or perhaps a regular visitor? We all make mistakes. There are plenty of Disney World Mistakes you can make which will ruin your vacation.

Here are our Top 20 Disney World Mistakes to Avoid so you have a great vacation.

Not creating a plan.

The fact you are looking at this website suggests you are not going to make this mistake. However you must make a plan of what you intend to do.

There is just too much to do in WDW to manage without a plan and the size of the resort is huge.

Main Street Barbershop quartet

Main Street USA

Not pacing yourself when you arrive.

If you go charging around the World on your first day, trying to do all those big attractions ,you will burn out.

Take your time, have rests and especially in summer make sure you drink plenty. Sunstroke is one of the few Disney World Mistakes it takes time to recover from.

You forget the sunscreen.

In summer many of us will burn & the Orlando Sun can be unforgiving. Plenty of sunscreen and a good hat is required when visiting the parks.

You didn’t realise how much walking the kids had to do.

Sure they don’t need a stroller when you visit the local park but for many small children they will walk a lot more than they are used to.

Be ready to hire a stroller for all under 5s and some older kids too. Kids will get tired & grumpy.

Minnie Mouse at Epcot

Not creating Fastpass reservations.

Know your reservation windows and be ready. Planning should start early so you can get your most important reservations. Miss those reservations and expect to spend longer in line waiting.

The best Fastpass slots will go first to those who know the system and book early. To find out more about Fastpass+ click here.

Not planning dining.

Dining reservations open 180 days in advance and the most popular venues book up fast. Don’t expect to get a popular dining location on the day especially during free dining.

Arrive late morning.

Big mistakes the crowds are now getting busy. Crowds are at their quietest first thing and you will get more done with less wait.

If you can’t get to a park early avoid any park with Early Extra Magic Hours.

Crowds in Magic Kingdom July
Crowds in Magic Kingdom

Wearing new shoes.

Make sure your shoes are worn in and comfortable you will be doing a lot of walking.

Did you know the British Queen hires someone to wear in her shoes?

Don’t forget extra expenses add up.

Before you arrive you will probably have paid for your hotel and park tickets but remember dining, gratuities and souvenirs are not cheap.

Banshee from Pandora World of Avatar Animal Kingdom
Pet Banshee an additional expense?

Try to avoid major holidays

The park is at its busiest during summer and public holidays. The parks during these times are busy…very busy.

Wasting your dining plan credits.

The Disney Dining Plan can be a great way to budget for your vacation. However, the costs of credits can vary significantly. Try and get reservations at the most expensive restaurants.

For snacks it is usually better to buy water than use snack credits for it. However; make sure you use all your credits.

Disney World Mistakes
Get Dining Reservations in Advance

Not having a break.

Many people will take a break during the mid afternoon when the parks are at their busiest and hottest. Consider returning to your hotel for a few hours.

If you decide to stay in the parks make sure you take plenty of time out & don’t skip meal breaks.

Know height requirements before you go.

If the kids can’t ride Splash Mountain let them know in advance rather than getting turned away in the queue.

Here is a handy list of current height requirements.

Forgetting to check what parks your favourite characters are at.

1 day left and you are doing Magic Kingdom but you have not seen Anna and Elsa…..You know the rest..oops!

Frozen in Noway EPCOT meet Anna and Elsa
Frozen in Noway

Not bringing park essentials

Make a list of what you need e.g. camera, autograph book, poncho.

Pack you bag the night before.

Not Using Disney Transportation

When you stay on site at Disney, you have access to free transportation to the parks and Disney Springs. Disney offer a list of transport options from all resorts and will drop you to virtually the front entrance.

To read more about doing Disney World without a car read our guide.

Not factoring in travel time.

Disney World is big and getting between places take some time. You must allow adequate time when working between parks.

Even if you are driving parking lots can take some time to navigate.

Relax your on Vacation avoid Disney World Mistakes
Relax your on Vacation avoid Disney World Mistakes

Not leaving room for souvenirs in suitcase.

We have done this one plus many of the other mistakes above.

Purchasing an extra suitcase in Animal Kingdom Lodge was not cheap. It was certainly a Disney World mistake.

Taking too much into the park with you.

There is a difference in being prepared and being too prepared.

Remember everything you take you have to carry. Do you really need that first aid kit?

Being too rigid.

You have a plan, fastpass reservations, entertainment planned & dining booked. But make sure you leave some slack for adverse weather, mishaps and just to enjoy you vacation.

BB8 Star Wars Launchbay Hollywood Studios
BB8 Star Wars Launchbay

That is our list of 20 Disney World but have we missed any off? Let us know below of anything you think we have forgotten.

Green Army Man Hollywood Studios
Green Army Man

Don’t worry even if you make Disney World Mistakes it is unlikely to ruin you vacation. Adjust, change your plans and have a great vacation.

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