Orlando Live 2017 Day 15 Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com’s Birthday

We are now back in the UK and have realised rapidly that the Orlando weather was not that bad after all.  8:30 this morning with 13° temps and heavy rain at Manchester airport made us take note. Since we got back the rain has not stopped. It is a lot colder & more miserable rain than Orlando. We are already planning our next vacation.

However; we still have our final 3 days to report from Orlando in which the weather improved dramatically The first of these days is Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com’s birthday.

California Grill View
View from California Grill

Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com has long had on her Bucket List  to celebrate her birthday in Disney World. This year was her opportunity to strike this wish off her list. We had a packed day in store with visits to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Le Cellier and California Grill Sunday Brunch.

Spaceship Earth EPCOT
Spaceship Earth EPCOT

In the past we have seen Disney World decorate rooms and supply birthday cards for guests. Unfortunately despite advising of the birthday in advance we received none of the above.

Whilst California Grill & Le Cellier all wished happy Birthday we received no added benefits. I am not sure whether we failed to tell the correct people or if it just luck when you receive these benefits. We did receive a birthday card at our very first meal in EPCOT but nothing after.

Live Music California Grill Brunch
Live Music California Grill

We started our day at California Grill. California Grill is on the top floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It is widely recognised as one of the very best Signature Restaurants in Disney World. On Sunday only it is open for Brunch.

California Grill Sunday Brunch menu Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com Birthday celebration
California Grill Sunday Brunch menu

The Brunch starts with a complimentary mimosa. Mimosa’s are complimentary throughout your visit.

You are then taken to your table and luckily we were given a window seat. Our seat looked out over Magic Kingdom but you could see other theme parks and resorts in the distance.

View from California Grill
View from California Grill

The first part of your meal is a self-service buffet. The buffet is exceptional and includes a Charcuterie, smoked salmon, various pastries and a Sushi selection. Also available is a Blood Mary Bar which comes at an extra charge.

Sushi Selection California Grill Brunch
Sushi Selection
Charcuterie Selection California Grill Brunch
Charcuterie Selection

A hot entrée is then served to your table. Selections include pancakes, omelettes, shrimp and chicken. I had a grilled hangar steak with eggs.

Grilled Hangar Steak with Eggs California Grill Brunch
Grilled Hangar Steak with Eggs

Finally dessert is served to your table family-style. This includes a selection of pastries, truffles, cakes and macaroons.

Coffee and juices are served throughout your meal.

The Brunch is not cheap but it provides a truly exceptional meal.

An excellent start to Mrs, Modernlifeisgood.com’s birthday.

Desserts California Grill Brunch
Desserts California Grill Brunch

Following brunch we visited Magic Kingdom for a few hours before getting the monorail to EPCOT. Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com was wearing her Disney Birthday badge and it was great to see how many staff noticed and acknowledged this.

When we arrived at EPCOT both the weather was glorious and the crowds seemed low. So low that Test Track had only a 20 minutes wait!

1 and a bit hours later it seems the entire park had noticed the low wait time for Test Track and we eventually boarded the ride. We had missed Test Track when we visited the park earlier on this vacation due to changes in the weather. It is a great ride and one of my favourites in Disney World. It is unfortunate it has to close whenever the is adverse weather.

Le Cellier EPCOT Canada
Le Cellier EPCOT

Evening Dinner was a late booking at Le Cellier. This was the first time we have booked the famous Steak House in Canada. Unfortunately we were still rather full from our Brunch. We had main courses only but the food was excellent. The steak was some of the best I have ever tasted. We will certainly return with a bigger appetite.

Rib Eye Le Cellier Mrs Modernlifeisgood.com Birthday in EPCOT
Rib Eye Le Cellier

We finished our dinner after normal park closing. It was amazing to see EPCOT with few guests present. The lights and fountains look so much better when not fighting crowds.

EPCOT at Night Spaceship Earth
EPCOT at Night

Overall a great day enjoyed by all including Mrs. Modernlifeisgood.com.

What I have Learnt.

You can’t buy a birthday card in Walt Disney World.

You can buy everything else but not greeting cards….Oops!

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