Orlando Live 2017 Day 9 Hollywood Studios

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Walt Disney

Today we visited Hollywood Studios. If anywhere currently characterises the above Walt Disney quote it would be Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Chinese Theatre
Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is currently undergoing massive renovations and the park you see today will be very different in a couple of years time.

Many aging attractions have closed with a selection of interim attractions taking their place.

Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios
Tower Of Terror

In 2018 Toy Story Playland will open and in 2019 the hotly awaited Star Wars Land will open.

However; this does not mean the is nothing to do currently in Hollywood Studios. The Studios contain some of the very best WDW attractions including Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, Fantasmic & Star Tours.

During our visit a further closure was announced. The Great Movie Ride will close in August to be replaced by a new Mickey Mouse attraction. The Movie Ride is a classic attraction but it is starting to show its age. The Turner Classic Movies theming made a few years back did not help improve the ride’s longevity.

Hollywood Studios The Great Movie Ride
Mary Poppins the Great Movie Ride

The final mystery of the renovations will be whether the park will gain a new name. Hollywood Adventure has been predicted by many.

Despite all the ongoing renovations we had a great day in Hollywood Studios. Our lunch was at Mama Melrose where we had a Fantasmic Dining Package. The package is great value at $45 or 1 table service credit. For this you get a 3 course meal and a Fantasmic Fastpass.

Hollywood Studios
Mama Melrose

Over the course of the day we did all the big attractions including Star Tours, Rock & Roll Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror & Toy Story twice.

We also had some great fun in Star Wars Launchbay interacting with various characters such as Kylo Ren, Chewie, BB8 & Storm Troopers.

BB8 Star Wars Launchbay Hollywood Studios
Meeting BB8

Weather in the afternoon was horrendous but amazingly we managed to stay dry. However; we decided to give Fantasmic a miss. We were actually surprised Fantasmic wasn’t cancelled.

Jawa Star Wars Hollywood Studios
Jawa Star Wars Launchbay

Tomorrow we are off to Magic Kingdom for a Family Magic Tour.

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