Orlando Live 2017 Day 3 Islands of Adventure and Transfer to Riverside

Today was Day 3 of our 2017 Orlando Adventure. The majority of our day was spent at Universal Islands of Adventure prior to transfer Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

islands of Adventure universal Orlando florida
Islands of Adventure

But first lets play “what did we lose today?”

Was it a phone down the toilet?

No….somebody managed that in Magic Kingdom a couple of years back.

Was it a teddy Sooty?

No….my father lost that in Luton airport when I was 4. I have never forgiven him!

Was it a room key, Express Pass & Park Tickets?

No….somebody managed to do that yesterday. 2 days in a row would be rather careless.

The Lorax Seuss Landing
The Lorax

It was my sun hat. In comparison to the list above not too serious but still a little frustrating.

Baby Raptor Jurassic Park
Baby Raptor

We started off in Seuss Landing where we met the Lorax. Some of the rides have been worked on since our last visit with Cat in the Hat running much more smoothly and One Fish Two Fish all operational.

Islands of Adventure Seuss  Landing One Fish Two Fish
One Fish Two Fish

Walking through the Lost Continent a thought occurred to us.

Why is we have not done Poseidon’s Fury for 17 years?

90 minutes later we had our answer.

Not something to repeat for at least another 17 years!

The Lost Continent is an oddity in Islands of Adventure as it lacks any E list attractions. Prior to Harry Potter it had several but they were later  rethemed as part of the Wizarding World. You would expect an update of the Lost Continent will come as part of future expansions.

Hogwarts Islands of Adventure

The rest of the day was spent touring through the park. Islands of Adventure does have some great attractions but overall I think I now prefer Universal Studios. However, Skull Island: Reign of Kong is a real star. Weather throughout the day was variable and the was some temporary closures.

Spiderman Islands of Adventure

Our last couple of hours was spent at the Studios completing the last few attractions and a repeat of Hogwarts Express and Gringotts.

We left the parks at close and returned to collect our bags from Loews Royal Pacific. We got a taxi to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside and arrive around 11:30.

Exhausted we went to bed without any exploring. Our brief glimpse of the hotel looks promising but a full explore will be for another day.

Jurassic Park Orlando
Jurassic Park

Tomorrow we are off to EPCOT a for a rather Princess Themed Day.

What we learnt today

Poseidon’s Fury isn’t a good use of your time.



  1. Peter | 13th Jul 17

    I did NOT lose Sooty. I went back and was somehow allowed through passport control to retrieve it after you had forgotten to pick it up. You only lost Sooty once and that was when you left hom on a bus. Don’t blame others for your carelessness.

    • @Modlifeisgood | 17th Jul 17

      Peter many thanks for your comments.
      I don’t think Sooty was recovered at the airport.
      Not sure a 4 year old can be blamed.
      Was the adequate parental supervision?

  2. Julia | 13th Jul 17

    I love this blog it’s brilliant! ❤️

    • @Modlifeisgood | 27th Jul 17

      Thanks for your comment Julia.

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